cron provide a number of web-based tools to help users with their computing experience at MIT. Visitors should ensure certificates are installed and VPN connection enabled (if off-campus). These are briefly described below with links.

Public Print Queue Monitoring

  • Purpose: Manage print jobs sent to public cluster printers. View statements, request refunds, etc.
  • Link:

Room Reservation Request

  • Purpose: View room calendars. Make reservation requests
  • Link:

Office Hours Reservation

Thesis Review/Submission

  • Purpose: Upload your thesis for HQ review/submission to MIT Lirbaries
  • Link:

Studio Archive Utility

  • Purpose: Upload your Studio work to Department Archives (AY 2020-21: Course 04 only)
  • Link:


SA+P @ MET Document Repository

  • Purpose: Distribute documents related to SA+P MET project (restricted to to SA+P)
  • Link:

Printer Configuration Script

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