Important: Printing is restricted to DUSP faculty, staff, students and affiliates. Printing is restricted to DUSP academic use only.

  • Architecture users, please check the print/plot/scan section on the STOA portal
  • CRE users, please contact the CRE IT Office

Before starting, please review the Printing/Plotting Policies:

Printing on CRON printers/plotters is a 5-step process:



Step #1: Install CRON printers (first time only)

Step #2: Register on cronQ (first time only)

  • Go to and follow the guided procedure to register your cronQ account
  • Detailed instructions for Macintosh & Windows can be found here

Step #3: Print & Queue

  • Every time you print a new job will be created and added to the cronQ queue
  • Click here to learn how to send jobs

Step #4: Release on cronQ

  • Go to to review/remove/release your print job(s)
  • Click here to learn how to manage cronQ jobs
  • Issues? Click here to check the troubleshooting section
  • Note: Unclaimed jobs will be automaticallly removed from cronQ after 45 minutes

Step #5: Collect

  • Collect your prints. Done!
  • Issues? Click here to check the troubleshooting section


Useful Resources: