• Printing is restricted to DUSP faculty, staff, students and affiliates. Printing is restricted to DUSP academic use
  • Printing, plotting and photocopying are restricted to course related materials. Do not use these for 'Pirates of Penzance' flyers and the like
  • Do not print unless it is really necessary. Stop and think before you print; your colleagues and the environment will appreciate it
  • Preview your job before printing. Most errors can be caught in preview
  • Jobs left in the queue for more than 45 minutes are automatically removed form the queue
  • Find a printer with short queue before releasing your job
  • You take full responsibility for managing your jobs by using this web page: cronq.mit.edu
  • Do not service printers! All problems (need for paper, paper jams, toner, warnings, etc) should be reported to cron immediately. Never open a drawer or click a button or otherwise service a printer/plotter (unless pressing the Cancel button to cancel current job)


  • Do not use the printers as photocopiers. Print jobs are limited to 15 copies. Multiple copies are to be made using the copier in 09-554 or CopyTech
  • Large volume printing of posters/leaflets/flyers is NOT permitted. Please use CopyTech for these jobs
  • Print Duplex (double-sided) whenever possible. The option appears in every print dialog box
  • Print in Black & White when possible. It costs 1/10th that of color
  • You are restricted to 5 concurrent (released) jobs on any one printer
  • Do not send large jobs (pages numbering > 300). Break these down into smaller jobs sent several minutes apart
  • Do not print (embedded) color/grayscale images at a resolution greater than 300 dpi. The printers cannot print images at higher resolution. The extra data (which the printer struggles to remove) only leads to crashed printers, long waits and corrupted files
  • Never print B&W on the color printer C10-485
  • Do not print documents larger than 250 MB. They will not be available for release from the cronQ page. If your document is > 250 MB, print in pieces or contact cron for assistance
  • Color printing is restricted to finished work, not casual drafts
  • Collect your printouts immediately! Uncollected printouts are discarded several times per day
  • Recycle and dispose of your banner (burst) pages. Do not leave them on printers or near other print jobs



  • Printing/Photocopying: FREE for DUSP users and academic use only (course related materials)
  • Plotting: Please consult cronq.mit.edu for the most up to date rates. Charges appear on student Bursar statement as 'CRON Plotting Fee'

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