Plotting Tutorial

  • Before you Start:
    • New to printing @ DUSP? Check the Printing & Plotting section.
    • CRON supports plotting in 10-485 between 9:30am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday. CRON can not assist with plotter/plotting outisde these hours.
    • Review the Plotting Policy here. Notes & Troubleshooting info are also provided at the bottom of this page.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not plot multi-page documents. You will be charged by the square foot, often resulting in charges of hundreds of dollars. You also risk suspension of all printing rights.
  • Prepare your document:
    • Method #1 (works most of the times): Export your work as PDF using all basic settings. Resolution of your embedded raster images must be 200dpi maximum.
    • Method #2 (works all the times, and if Method #1 fails): Export your work as raster image (TIFF, PNG, JPEG, etc.). IMPORTANT: Resolution of your raster image must be 200dpi maximum.
  • Open your saved document:
    • PDF: Use Apple Preview (Mac) or Acrobat DC (Windows)
    • Image: Use Apple Preview (Mac) or Windows Photo Viewer (Windows)
  • Check your document carefully and verify content, layout, embedded images, patterns, fonts, colors, etc.

Print your document:

  • Printer: P10-485 (DUSP plotter)
  • Paper Size: Click and select Manage Custom Sizes

  • Click the + button and add your custom paper size:
    • Width: Must be 36 inches ALWAYS
    • Height: Enter appropriate height based on desired ratio:
      • 3x2 = 36 inches x 24 inches
      • 3x3 = 36 inches x 36 inches
      • 3x4 = 36 inches x 48 inches
    • Margins: User Defined and Top/Bottom/Left/Right all zero
  • Give your custom paper preset a meaningful name and click OK to save

  • Double-check all the options, including printer, paper size and orientation.
  • Make sure Auto-Rotate is ON
  • Scale to fit should be set to Print Entire Image
  • Check the preview of the document being printed
  • Click Print when ready

  • Visit cronQ to manage/release your queued job. Click here to learn more about cronQ and how to manage/release your print jobs properly.

Please note that large jobs may take some time to render and appear on the cronQ queue.


IMPORTANT: If plotting via PDF (Method #1) doesn't work (artifacts, missing images, various file errors on the plotter's display), please consider using Method #2 (check top of this page), exporting your document as a raster image (TIFF, PNG, JPEG, etc.) with maximum resolution of 200dpi.


Notes & Troulbleshooting:

  • Ignore all warnings on the display (including XY cartridge is expired, which won't affect final quality).
  • Avoid touching the plotter and the paper as it exits the device. The plotter is NOT user-serviceable.
  • Plotter in 10-485 uses HP Bright White IJ Paper (500ft roll). Using different paper or loading the plotter with custom paper is not allowed.
  • Jams/errors? Contact CRON and DO NOT attempt to service the device yourself, as that could cause more issues and longer maintenance times.
  • If the plotter if offline for maintenance or repair, consider using the MIT CopyTech polotting services as a backup. You can find all the information and instructions here.
  • More troubleshooting information can be found here.