True, you'll miss p-values, correlation coefficients, regressions (into madness) and maybe even a colleague or two. Most of all you'll miss the computing chatkas/services which come to a sudden unceremonious end shortly after your departure. 

Leaving MIT : IS&T

Here are two excellent resources you must  peruse before leaving campus. These explain what happens and what you need do in preparation.

  1. Students/Staff:  What happens to my MIT accounts and services?
  2. Students: Leaving MIT Course

Leaving MIT : cron

ArcGIS (Source: Rotch Library) 

Once you no longer have an active MIT Kerberos account, you will not be able to access your ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account and your content will eventually be deleted. You have a few options before you leave:

  • Option 1: Do nothing. If you don’t have items saved in your account or you no longer need what is there, you can let your account login expire and the content will be deleted within the next year.
  • Option 2: Export content and save it locally. You won’t be able to save maps you have created, unless you export them as images, but you can save data you have uploaded.
  • Option 3: Transfer content to another ArcGIS Online account. See below for instructions.

How to transfer content to another ArcGIS Online account

  • Create a free, public account if you do not have an account through another organization.
  • Open the ArcGIS Online Assistant and log into your MIT account.
  • Click your name in the upper right corner and select Add ArcGIS Online Account. Sign into your non-MIT account.
  • Click your name again, select your MIT account, and choose Switch active account.
  • Check the items from your content that you want to copy and click Copy Items.
  • Choose your non-MIT account to copy the items to.

To keep in mind:

  • Some types of content cannot be copied to a Public / Personal (free) account.
  • Public accounts have more limited storage capacities so larger items may not be able to be transferred.
  • Some types of content can only be copied “by reference”.  This means the item will be copied, but the underlying data source (e.g. the FeatureServer, MapServer, ImageServer, etc.) will still be referenced. Learn more about how copying works in the ArcGIS Assistant guide.

Leaving MIT : FAQ

  • When do my certificates expire? Can i renew them?
    • July 31. No
  • When does my card access expire?
    • June 30  : students
    • Immediately : staff
  • When does my Athena account (Kerberos ID) go away?
    • First January after graduation : students
    • Immediately : staff
  • Is there any warning before my Kerberos ID expires, all my MIT files are deleted, my MIT Dropbox no longer syncs and my Code42 backups cease in January?
    • ​Nope
  • What do I do about protecting my online privacy now that I no longer have cron and IS&T to look after me?
    • Consult the Electronic Frontier Foundation's web site for lots of extremely valuable information on this subject. Browser tools, discussions on alternatives to Google/Facebook (inter alia) as well as legal advice are all provided. Their link can be found here: www.eff.org
    • The American Civil Liberties Union is another resource for matters relating to online privacy, surveillance and your (eroding) rights: www.aclu.org
    • A recommended email (and calendar and cloud storage)alternative: proton.me
    • A recommended VPN alternative: proton.me
    • A recommended backup alternative: spideroak.com/one
    • Recommended cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) alternatives: proton.mesynctresorit
    • Always read any web service's privacy policy, particularly if the service/product is free. The internet is a shockingly invasive place and caution is advised. More info and tips are provided on our Privacy page

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