True, you'll miss p-values, correlation coefficients, regressions (into madness) and maybe even a colleague or two. Most of all you'll miss the computing chatkas/services which come to a sudden unceremonious end shortly after your departure. 

Leaving MIT : IS&T

Here are two excellent resources you must  peruse before leaving campus. These explain what happens and what you need do in preparation.

  1. Students/Staff:  What happens to my MIT accounts and services?
  2. Students: Leaving MIT Course

Leaving MIT : cron





Leaving MIT : FAQ

  • When do my certificates expire? Can i renew them?
    • July 31. No
  • When does my card access expire?
    • June 30  : students
    • Immediately : staff
  • When does my Athena account (Kerberos ID) go away?
    • First January after graduation : students
    • Immediately : staff
  • Is there any warning before my Kerberos ID expires, all my MIT files are deleted, my MIT Dropbox no longer syncs and my Code42 backups cease in January?
    • ​Nope
  • What do I do about protecting my online privacy now that I no longer have cron and IS&T to look after me?
    • Consult the Electronic Frontier Foundation's web site for lots of extremely valuable information on this subject. Browser tools, discussions on alternatives to Google/Facebook (inter alia) as well as legal advice are all provided. Their link can be found here: www.eff.org
    • The American Civil Liberties Union is another resource for matters relating to online privacy, surveillance and your (eroding) rights: www.aclu.org
    • A recommended email (and calendar and cloud storage)alternative: proton.me
    • A recommended VPN alternative: proton.me
    • A recommended backup alternative: spideroak.com/one
    • Recommended cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) alternatives: proton.mesynctresorit
    • Always read any web service's privacy policy, particularly if the service/product is free. The internet is a shockingly invasive place and caution is advised. More info and tips are provided on our Privacy page

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