Equipment Request

To make your request, visit 'Equipment Request Form' at the bottom of this page, click 'Login Using Touchstone' and complete the form. You can request multiple items to reserve with command-click (Macintosh) or WIN-click (Windows). You will receive an email with record of your request. Another will follow with confirmation/denial within one business day. Please do not assume the item(s) has been reserved for you until receipt of cron's confirmation.

Important Notes:

  • Equipment loan is available to DUSP and affiliates
  • Equipment must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance
  • Most items are expected back by 9:30 AM the following day
  • cron may shorten the return date if item is in demand
  • Any repair or replacement costs of item will be paid by you
  • Laptops are available to students only under extraordinary circumstances

Equipment Request Form

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