Print : Plot

Printing from public cluster computers is no different than printing from your personal computer. With that said, there are several reasons you may choose to print from public computers. (For details on how to print/plot, please consult Print : Plot : Scan.)

  • cron have thoroughly debugged printing and plotting on all cluster computers. As a result, if you are having trouble printing from your personal computer, you may wish to try one of ours
  • As cron computers are likely more capable (more RAM, faster processors, capacious local storage, faster connection to network), you may find they print faster and more reliably
  • cron computers are equipped with macOS (from which plotting is simpler and more reliable). For those preferring Windows, the public computers also have XnView and Acrobat Pro which can help with plotting particularly stubborn files (see Print : Plot : Scan¬†for more information)

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