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MacAthena and WinAthena Environments

Public cluster computers are configured for ready access to network shares and centralized maintenance. This is true for both Macintosh (MacAthena) and Windows (WinAthena) computers.

MacAthena, WinAthena and Athena workstations all authenticate against MIT's central KDC (Kerberos Key Distribution Center). It is for this reason you must enter your Kerberos ID and password to gain access to the computer. Once authenticated, ActiveDirectory (WinAthena) and (MacAthena) authorize you to connect to MIT's network file services named AFS (Andrew File System) and DFS (Distributed File System).

If using WinAthena, your home directory is local to the computer you are logging in to. However ready access is provided to AFS and DFS allowing any files stored in these network shares to be accessible across computers and login sessions. Similarly with MacAthena.

More information on public computing is available throughout this section.


Public computing spaces have been designed for shared use; therefore, the security, maintenance, cleanliness, and appearance of the spaces are the responsibility of each user. All loose items will be discarded several times per day. Found valuables are made available though cron Lost and Found (09-266).

No food or open drink containers allowed. All doors to remain closed after 6PM weekdays and all day weekends/holidays.

Equipment in the public access areas is available when the room is not scheduled for other uses. Room schedules are posted at Room access is restricted; cron (09-530) manage all card access.

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