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This section contains tips for solving problems with running software on personal computers. (For printing/plotting troubleshooting tips, see Print : Plot : Scan)


  • Windows: Illustrator Crashes When Saving files
    • Symptom: Illustrator crashes when trying to save a file and the default printer is unavailable or not set
    • Solution: Set your default printer to a printer that is online and connected
      1. Close Illustrator
      2. Go to Control Panel >  Devices and Printers
      3. Select Adobe PDF or one of another printer that is always available
      4. Right-click and select 'Set as default printer'
      5. Restart Illustrator
  • Windows: All or Some PDF Pages do Not Print
    • Symptom: PDFs or pages from PDFs do not print 
    • Solution: Print PDF as image
      1. Generate PDF ensuring that all PDF options are OFF
      2. Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Professional
      3. Click Advanced button in Print Dialog Box
      4. Select 'Print as image 200 dpi' in resulting window
      5. Send job to print
  • Windows: PDF Generation Hangs
    • Symptom: Windows stops responding when generating a PDF 
    • Solution: Delete corrupted settings
      1. Quit all Adobe applications
      2. Delete the folder C:\Users\[]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe and all of its contents
  • Windows: Adobe programs crash, hang or otherwise act badly
    • Symptom: Various Adobe programs aren't behaving as expected
    • Solution: Remove corrupt Adobe settings files and registry entries to reset them to their original state
      1. Exit all Adobe applications
      2. Start a command window by typing 'cmd' at the explorer Start > Run prompt
      3. Type the following commands in a command (cmd) window:
        reg delete hkcu\software\adobe
        rmdir /s /q "%APPDATA%\adobe"
  • Windows: Brown/Yellow Grays when printing from Adobe
    • Symptom: Brownish/yellowish grays when printing from any Adobe application
    • Solution:
      1. Select 'Print...'
      2. In print dialog box, select Color Management
      3. Set Color Handling to 'Let Postscript printer determine colors'


  • Windows: ArcGIS icons are too small
    • Symptom: Despite changes to Windows screen magnification level, the ArcGIS text and icons remain too small on high resolution displays
    • Solution:
      1. Right-click ArcMap from the Start menu
      2. Select Properties
      3. Click the Compatibility tab on the ArcMap 10.x Properties dialog box
      4. Check 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' to enable the option, and click OK
    • Optional:
      1. Click 'Toolbar options' menu on toolbar
      2. Customize...
      3. Click Options tab
      4. Select 'Large icons'
  • Error connecting through VPN to Arcgis License Server
  • ArcMap crashes, hangs, or otherwise acts badly
    • Symptom: ArcMap crashes or stops responding to input (hangs) at random times
    • Solution: Remove corrupt settings files and registry entries
      1. Exit all ArcGIS applications
      2. Start a command window by typing 'cmd' at the explorer Start > Run prompt
      3. Type the following commands in a command (cmd) window:
        reg delete hkcu\software\esri
        rmdir /s /q "%APPDATA%\esri"


  • Windows: Rhino plug-ins do not load/appear
    • Symptom: Rhino plug-ins do not run or appear in Rhino interface
    • Solution: Find the plug-in's location on C:\ drive and manually launch
      1. Quit Rhino
      2. Double-click the installed plug-in
      3. This will launch Rhino and register the plug-in
  • Windows: Rhino or its Grasshopper plug-in hang or freeze on startup
    • Symptom: Rhino and Grasshopper have settings that are corrupted or incompatible with a newer version
    • Solution: Delete your personal settings with these steps
      1. Quit/Kill Rhino
      2. Open a Windows Expoler (not IE) window
      3. In the address bar type %appdata% (or C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming) to go to your settings folder
      4. Delete any folders called McNeel or Grasshopper
  • cron-issued Rhino does not run when off campus
    • Symptom: cron-issued Rhino fails to launch when off campus 
    • Solution: Start your VPN before launching Rhino

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