Generally speaking there are 4 distinct sources for software you might care to use for your studies:

  1. IS&T Provisioned: Adobe CC, Code42, Dropbox, ESRI, LastPass, MATLAB, Microsoft Office, Sophos, Tableau, VMware, Webex, Windows, Zoom
  2. cron Provisioned: Rhinoceros
  3. Rotch GIS Lab Provisioned: Adobe CC, AutoCAD, ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, ESRI ArcGIS Pro, GeoDa, MATLAB, Mathematica, Microsoft Office, NVivo, QGIS, Rhinoceros, Stata, Tableau and much more!
  4. Self Purchase: Atlas.ti, NVivo, SketchUp, Stata
  5. Open Source: Anaconda, Blender, GitHubDesktop, Nodejs, pgAdmin, Postico, Processing, python, QGIS, R, RStudio, Visual Studio Code, XQuartz

The links in menu above take you to each of these package sets (with the exception of the open source software for which your instructor will guide you).

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