Web certificates allow for trusted and secure connections with certain web sites at MIT. For example, LibrariesAtlas and WebSIS are only accessible to those with both an MIT Certificate Authority Certificate and MIT Personal Certificate installed in their web browsers. Please note that you cannot get web certificates without first obtaining your Kerberos ID.

Web certificates are tied to particular families of web browsers. Which is to say, only for each of the two families of web browser do you need install certificates.

  1. Safari and all Chromium-based browsers (Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, Chrome, etc.)
  2. Firefox

To obtain certificates, visit: ist.mit.edu/certificates

To test your certificates, visit: kb.mit.edu/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3910228

Tips whilst using certificates:

  • Certificates expire at the end of July every year. You must renew your certificates in the last half of July for uninterrupted usage. Be sure to delete expired certificates
  • Macintosh Users: certificates are stored in your Keychain. In the course of visiting secure web sites, you may be prompted to Allow or Always Allow access to your Keychain. Your Keychain password is the same password used to login to your computer. Select Always Allow lest you are buried with countless prompts (leading, possibly, to site lockout)
  • More helpful tips can be found here: kb.mit.edu/confluence/display/istcontrib/Certificates+Landing+Page

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