Autodesk : Macintosh : Windows

Most all Autodesk applications are available to students free of charge from

Draftsight : Macintosh : Windows : Linux

DraftSight is a full-featured product, available on all platforms to students free of charge from

Rhinoceros : Macintosh : Windows

Do note that McNeel offer a 90-day, free and fully functional Rhino from Only if your Rhino needs extend beyond 90 days do you need consider the purchase of your own license or require access to cron's.

As the cron license requires a connection to the MIT network (i.e. VPN connection if off campus), Rhino will not run in some environments (and some countries, such as China). As a result we recommend those for whom Rhino is critical to their studies, to purchase/continue using their own license. Personal licenses can be purchased here:

To download a cron-issued license (certificates required):

  1. Download the latest free evaluation copy of Rhino from McNeel:
  2. Install Rhino
  3. When prompted for license, click here for license configuration. Note: this link to the license requires certificates and that you are a member of the cronuser ACL. Should you have difficulty accessing license information despite having valid certificates and being a member of DUSP, contact cron from your MIT email account.


SketchUp licenses are available on public cluster computers. Students wishing to run their own licensed copy need purchase the software from

Need Help? cron