City Arena Zoom Room

1. Preparation:

  • Every device joining the Zoom meeting in City Arena must be muted (both microphone & speakers)

  • Must use room microphones (inside AV closet)

  • Participants can share content/slides via the Zoom's Share Screen option:

2. Setup:

  • Touch Screen to Begin
  • Computers > Zoom Room
    • New (will assign a random Zoom Meeting ID and passcode)
    • Join (will ask to enter an existing and valid Zoom Meeting ID and passcode)
  • Default camera profile is: Presenter (Preset 1)
    • To change Camera Preset:
      • Return to Home (top-screen hidden button)


      • Camera Controls > Presenter / Audience Camera
      • Select Camera Preset (1-5)

Touch the top of the screen to reveal the hidden Home button and switch between Zoom and general Room-AV screens.
Please note that this action will NOT end any active Zoom meeting.

3. Closing:

  • End Zoom Meeting
  • Turn off all microphones and store them in AV closet
  • Shutdown System